Making light work of sourcing art.

As you will know, when it comes to sourcing artwork for an interior design project, the majority of interior architects and designers can attest that it is a strenuous and disproportionately difficult experience. Whilst discussing the process with a number of our current customers, one even went as far as to describe their previous art sourcing attempts as a “nightmare”.

Let's explain how we help make it a dream.

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We understand that finding the perfect wall art solution, for any commercial or residential interiors project space, can be a surprisingly onerous task, and a source of frustration coming so close to the end of the design and fit-out process.

We are also aware of how important sourcing this ultimate centre piece is for you, in terms of tying your space together and creating a necessary sense of humanity and balance.

Getting the artwork right is one of the most crucial elements of interior design, and we are here to help.

Before we look at solutions, let's take a quick look at where the usual process breaks down, and can quickly become a time sink.

So you have your creative vision locked and loaded. Firstly, you’ll need the source the wall art itself, nothing beats trawling stock image websites and art catalogues for fun - so that's your ‘off the shelf’ wall art solution shortlist sorted. Just cross your fingers you don’t see the same thing elsewhere.

Now, to the framing - you’ll have to track down a picture framer who can supply a framing solution to match the piece or pieces you have selected. All correct dimensions must be decided upon, and they will have to ensure that each of the separate parties they are working with will be able to work in harmony with each other.

Now it's just a case of ordering the art, waiting for delivery, handing it over to the framer, wait for the picture framing.


So, what's our solution?

In simple terms, we provide complete service under one roof, including the art collection, for all types of design and vision. But there is more to it than that - every step along the way is designed to take the grind out of realising your vision.

  • We can give you access to over 40,000 unique art pieces.
  • In our newly renovated showroom, we stock every style of frame moulding you can dream of, heavily influenced by our keen eye for design trends. You can always rest assured that you will find the perfect match for your selected artwork.
  • We have a variety of paper for printing that suits different mediums, meaning we can guarantee a high quality finish every time.
  • If you want to speed up the process even more, we have also compiled a catalogue containing a curated selection of our favourite artwork and frames, all based on current trends in the art world. Quick and easy.
  • The antidote to the current experience is what we call fulfilment. We print it, we frame it, we package it and we ship it.

We understand that framing and art presentation is part of the design industry.

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